Authority & Offbeat Song Lists

Last Updated: November 22, 2022 | Written by Matthew Campbell

For some couples, traditional wedding music just won’t do the trick. Oddball or offbeat wedding songs are on our lists of quirky favorites. We’ve organized these miscellaneous wedding songs by various topics so that it is easy for you to find the songs that show your personality!

Do you want to include a wrestling theme song in your wedding reception? Talk about a throwdown! How about a power ballad from a famous hair band or a cover song that everyone can sing along to? These are the kinds of offbeat wedding songs that you will find on our curated lists. We enjoyed putting these lists together because they are fun and celebrate the unique personalities that make each of us unique.

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Why Choose Offbeat Wedding Songs?

Some of the most memorable weddings are those which defy tradition. Let’s face it. The same old thing is just not suitable for many of today’s newlyweds. They want to create a lasting impression with their wedding ceremony. Maybe you met doing karaoke. Why not have everyone sing along. How awesome would that be? You can do that when you use oddball or miscellaneous wedding songs for your processional, recessional, or reception.

Some wedding couples have walked down the aisle to the “Imperial March” from Star Wars or even the theme for Jurassic Park. Others have chosen the theme from Game of Thrones to accompany their grand entrance to the reception ballroom. When this happens, your wedding guests can’t help but smile. They recognize that you’re celebrating your individuality with your music choices.

You can also use offbeat wedding songs to offer guests a break from the sweet but heavy emotions of the day. (“There’s no crying in baseball!”) Give your friends and family a little time to laugh and celebrate with you. Some couples place these oddball songs at various points during the wedding day as an opportunity for everyone to decompress — literally.

There is no hard and fast rule that says you must stick with established traditions when planning your wedding. Perhaps a traditional wedding is not reflective of your own desires or values. Your sense of humor may be the very thing that attracted your spouse.

Your wedding day is about you both. It should be filled with all the things that make you happy — including song selections. If songs by your favorite American Idol contestants or songs that are played at car shows make you happy, use them! You’ll find many of those and more when you check out our offbeat wedding song lists.

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